Will design systems replace designers? - Hayley Hughes | DesignUp 2018

About the talk: Today, nearly every company is trying to create or evolve their own design language system. Often, the goal is to enable designers to create consistently meaningful user experiences. Usually, decisions have already been made in the system before the designers commence working on them, leaving them to question their unique role in the world of design systems.

When designers are not spending time rehashing colours and fonts, how can they anticipate and educate themselves in new skills and frameworks that will be required of them?

In this talk, you will take away best practices for creating and adopting a design language system, as well as key ideas for enabling your company to prepare its’ designers for the future.

00:56 The definition of ‘design’ today. 01:20 Design is relationships. 02:31 What is a design system? 03:08 The Design System Hierarchy of Human Needs. 05:18 Definition of Design Systems. 07:00 Airbnb’s product today. 08:53 “Why the system functions the way it does.” Defining new parameters and new arguments by the designers: The first order of Design Systems. 09:07 Journey Systems: The second order of Design Systems. 10:18 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Use of Storyboards. 10:39 Using Storyboarding as a way to understanding the customer experience at Airbnb. 12:15 “When we make new services, maintaining journeys is critical for capturing the feeling of each moment in the human experience.” —Hayley Hughes. How key insights are drawn from the journeys. 12:39 How journeys can inspire collaboration across teams. 13:24 Creating scorecards at Airbnb. 14:04 “Always make sure when you’re designing your journeys, that some parts have a specific focus on what the user is doing, what they’re unable to do. Or what they need. Capturing such data enables designers to measure them.”—Hayley Hughes. 14:28 User journey mapping at Airbnb. 15:18 “Journey systems can transform businesses.” Investing in human needs. 15:40 Value Systems: The third order of Design Systems. 16:53 “We tend to believe that we can think through all perspectives, but when we’re working in fast-paced environments, we’re frequently asked to make snap judgements.”—Hayley Hughes. 18:00 The similarity of challenges between designers and journalists. 19:53 Using real people as references. 20:24 “Something critical to Airbnb’s style is the inclusion of people with disabilities, whose identities intersect with gender, race, nationality, orientation and age.”—Hayley Hughes. 22:20 “To remain relevant in the future, designers will need to hold themselves and others accountable for their unconscious values.” —Our biggest design challenge today! 22:33 The “4 Quadrants of Design Responsibility” by Margaret Gould Stewart. 23:56 Taking responsibility for the designs: Some questions to ask. 25:32 Flipping the hierarchy.


-Phoebe Sengers, Professor of Science & Technology Studies and Information Science at Cornell University (https://sts.cornell.edu/phoebe-sengers)

-The Four Quadrants of Design Responsibility by Margaret Gould Stewart:(https://designobserver.com/feature/chain-letters-margaret-gould-stewart/39933)

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