Welcome to design systems - Lesson 1 : Introduction to design systems

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There are millions of websites and applications that are endlessly evolving, many of which are operating on different systems and devices.

Most products aren’t creating static, cookie-cutter experiences. They’re creating complex universes of interconnected ones. Growing organizations need tools and processes that empower teams to scale consistent experiences. Many of them are turning to design systems as a potential solution.

In this lesson, we’ll:

  • Learn what a design system is and what’s included in one;
  • Explore the problems a design system can help solve;
  • Help you identify when you need one;
  • And highlight a few things to consider as you start your design systems journey.


Shopify Polaris: https://bit.ly/3BUpSpv Figma community wireframes: https://bit.ly/3osd8TP Sparkbox: Design Systems Survey 2022: https://bit.ly/3Ww6cl5 Knapsak’s Design System ROI Calculator: https://bit.ly/3MRQnSE Design Systems Repo: https://bit.ly/3MNMjCV Sparkbox: Anatomy of a Design System: https://bit.ly/420KKpK Spectrum of maturity for design systems: https://bit.ly/3WwjLAZ

00:00 - Introduction 00:32 - What is a design system? 01:13 - Resources a design system might include 01:56 - No one size fits all 02:06 - Do you need a design system? 02:55 - When to implement a design system 03:09 - Benefits of a design system 04:25 - Signs you might need a design system 05:53 - Not everyone needs a design system 06:05 - Challenges of a design system 07:03 - Audit 07:59 - Perform an audit 09:51 - Overview of the design system process 10:18 - Steps in the process 11:37 - Considerations 12:30 - Audience 13:09 - Implementation 14:19 - Other questions 15:07 - Wrap up

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