UnConference: The Anatomy of a Design System with Ben Callahan

Design systems have different meanings and purposes to different people, even within the same organization. In this talk, Ben defines each part of a design system to give you and your team a shared understanding of how these systems connect core brand elements with digital interfaces, enable consistent brand expression, and much more.

0:00 Intro 1:29 Takeaway #1 2:18 Takeaway #2 5:17 The Anatomy of a Design System 6:12 The Foundations Layer 8:19 The Tokens Layer 12:06 The Core Systems Layer 13:05 The Fundamental Layers 13:32 The Components Layers 15:27 The Three Parts of Every Layer 15:42 Assets 17:59 Processes 24:45 Documentation 27:20 The Design System as a Whole 29:47 Takeaway #1 (Recap) 30:59 Takeaway #2 (Recap) 31:12 Consistency 33:35 Efficiency 36:31 Conclusion

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