Typography - Ultimate Design System Breakdown (Font Sizes, Text Style Naming, Responsive Scaling)

Learn how the best design systems build their typography and apply the common patterns and insights for yourself.

Chapters Intro 00:00 Overview 00:21 Top Fonts 01:09 Organization 01:57 Naming 03:32 Type Scales 06:03 Font Sizes 07:23 Line Height 08:08 Letter Spacing 09:26 Responsive Design 10:39

Resource Links

Design Systems https://www.designsystems.com/

Design Systems For Figma https://designsystemsforfigma.com/

Shopify Polaris http://figma.com/@shopify

Elastic Design System https://www.figma.com/@Elastic

MobileLIVE - Friday Design System https://www.figma.com/community/file/913828647221574819

Radius Design System https://www.figma.com/@Rangle

Chakra UI https://www.figma.com/community/file/971408767069651759/Chakra-Figma-UI-Kit

Pajamas https://www.figma.com/@GitLab

Paradigm http://figma.com/@paradigm