The Struggles & Triumphs of Creating a Design System Practice

Learn more about design systems in a brand new book by Dan Mall called “Design That Scales: Creating a Sustainable Design System Practice!”

Design systems realize extraordinary value when they’re an established practice within an organization, but that’s a status few teams achieve. Watch the recording of this free event, moderated by Design System University founder Dan Mall facilitating a conversation between Malika Chatlapalli (Senior Product Designer, Obama Foundation), Ayisha Chowdhury (Front-End Developer, Scholastic), and David Preston (Senior Brand Designer, ConvertKit) about the struggles and triumphs of creating a sustainable design system practice.

⏩ CHAPTERS 0:00 Introduction 5:06 Meet Malika Chatlapalli: Senior Product Designer, Obama Foundation 6:50 Meet Ayisha Chowdhury: Front-End Developer, Scholastic 8:25 Meet David Preston: Senior Brand Designer, ConvertKit 11:59 The Obama Foundation’s content-driven approach 21:18 Chronicling design decisions at Scholastic 31:40 Making creators heroes at ConvertKit 44:02 Design system questions & answers 53:27 Join the next cohort on Feb 13

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