The new frontier of design systems - Brad Frost (Dive Club S5 | E4)

If you’ve dabbled in design systems in Figma then you’re no doubt familiar with Brad Frost and atomic design. He’s laid the foundation for design systems teams around the world. So in this discussion we talk about the types of challenges he faces at Big Medium and how he’s envisioning the future of design systems:

  • Why we should build a universal design system
  • How Brad is using AI to elevate design systems
  • How design systems designers can succeed in an AI world
  • The highest leverage activities for DS designers to do
  • How designers can communicate better with engineers
  • Dive is where the best designers never stop learning 🤿

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Chapters 0:00 Intro 1:02 Overview of Big Medium 3:56 What successful communication looks like for design systems 14:12 How startups should think about their design system 20:55 Brad’s call for a global design system 28:28 Exploring AI in design systems 32:18 Where AI can raise the ceiling 37:26 Higher-leverage activities for design systems designers 43:31 How designers can communicate better with engineers

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