Templates and Pages in Design Systems - Create a Design System in Sketch, Ep6

Episode 6: Templates and Pages in Design Systems

In this video, we’ll continue where we left off by setting up the initial atomic design system template. We already covered atoms, molecules and organisms in the previous videos. Now’s the time to finalise the technical aspects of maintaining the design system and introducing flexible UX templates and pages structure. I’ll show you not only how to port existing components, but also what you should do if you plan to introduce new UI patterns: update, maintain and roll out your design system in Sketch app.

A design system is a collection of reusable product design components, that are guided by clear standards. Design system patterns are usually tested with end-users, thus can be easily assembled into new features. If properly set up, experimented, tested and maintained a well-defined system is one of the best designer’s friends. Furthermore, a living design system is one of the most important step-ups for mature designops and UX design organizations. This mini-series will cover exactly that: how to make a simple design system from scratch using Sketch and Atomic design principles.

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