Workshop “Building a multi-branded design system” @ Into Design Systems Conference

Building design systems is hard as it is - but building design systems for multiple brands is next-level complicated. In this workshop, we’ll talk about strategies for how to structure the design system for multi-brand environments, how to document them, and how to use smart documentation systems to remove tedious tasks connected with this process.


Part 1: What, when, and how (lite guide) to start a multi-brand design system 0:00 Introduction 3:00 What challenges do large companies face? 7:10 What are the advantages of a multi-brand design system? 13:10 Starting with a multi-brand design system 16:35 “System separation” approach 18:50 “Brand alignment” approach 21:45 “Common ground” approach and main phases

36:30 Q&A Session

Part 2: Managing and documenting multi-brand design system with 44:00 Introduction to native support for a multi-brand design system 45:40 Setting up a multi-branded design system in 59:45 Managing and documenting tokens, assets, components, guides 1:12:14 Automating delivery of styles and assets 1:17:40 Structuring the documentation 1:33:00 Rendering components in your documentation 1:39:19 Managing multi-brand components

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