Supernova integration with Tokens Studio via CLI

The Supernova command-line interface (CLI) enables you to run specific tasks connected with Supernova from your CI/CD pipelines, from your action triggers (GitHub Actions and similar), or from your command line as well. The Supernova CLI is powered by the Supernova SDK, which allows access to many lower-level operations.

In this video, we walk you through the CLI setup that automatically syncs Tokens Studio through GitHub Actions to when token data changes

More details can be found here 👉

⏱️ Process steps ⏱️ 00:00 Syncing with Tokens Studio 00:05 Forking the repository for the CLI 00:34 Adding the secret key and mapping 01:15 Mapping a single file 02:29 Running the actions and checking if it works

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