Supernova 101 - Building exporters (developer deep dive)

In this video, Jiri Trecak, CEO, and founder of Supernova, delves into the fascinating process of creating an exporter from scratch, serving both as an overview and a detailed tutorial for those keen on learning.

1:24 Introduction to Exporters 4:07 Approach to creating an exporter 6:50 Installation of Supernova Extension *Supernova extension V2 is recommended for the new developer experience 9:57 Introduction to an exporter package structure 11:53 Introduction of the Supernova SDK and export helpers library 13:37 Setting up the exporter.json *The exporter.json file is crucial for the exporter package, as it defines the exporter for the Supernova store and workspace pipelines.

19:50 Creating a “Version and Release notes” exporter Creating functions to manage versions, and generating release notes content based on the design system versions within Supernova

37:00 Exporter configuration setup Describes steps involved in modifying the exporter to offer configurable options for generating release notes, including the creation of separate files for each version based on user-defined configurations. Additionally, it covers the implementation details of the configuration files and how they influence the exporter’s behavior. Explains three key configuration files: config.json, config.local.json, and config.d.ts, and their respective functions.

52:50 Publishing the configured exporter Instructions on repository creation, configuration setup, and the process of adding the exporter to Supernova’s list of available tools for design system pipelines

55:24 Pipeline creation for automated code delivery Describes the process of setting up a new pipeline (referred to as a “hook”) for automated code delivery, the significance of using Brands and Themes in the exporter configuration, and the finalization of the pipeline to observe changes in the design system and trigger the exporter accordingly.

1:01:20 Exporter versioning Describes the process of updating and propagating changes made to the exporter to the upstream or the cloud for public access

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