State of Design Tokens 2024 — design systems experts panel, hosted by Supernova

The panel delved into the findings of Supernova’s latest report on the status of design tokens in 2024, featuring prominent figures in design systems: Donnie D’Amato, Jacob Miller, and Kathleen McMahon.

Here are some noteworthy points:

🔹 The imperative of engineering involvement in the design token ecosystem, pointing out a predominant focus on design tools. 🔹 The adoption of Figma variables emerged as a significant trend, with approximately 74% of the State of Design Tokens 2024 Report respondents embracing this new approach. 🔹 Challenges of naming design tokens and the potential benefits of standardization, acknowledging the complexity and varying requirements across companies. 🔹 Adopting newer specifications like the top layer for UI layering, indicates a potential shift away from traditional z-index usage. 🔹 As the integration of design and engineering workflows continues to evolve, code-based sources of truth for managing tokens and collaboration between designers and developers are becoming much more important.

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