Q&A session with Henry, Débora, Jeremy, Maryia and Rachel - Design Systems London #7 - March 2023

Featuring: Maryia Radchuk (Senior Frontend Engineer, Just Eat) Rachel Lumley (Senior UI Designer, Just Eat) Débora Ornelas (Application Engineer, the Lego Group) Jeremy Rider (Lead Digital Product Designer, the Lego Group) ‘How to Survive Design Systems’ - Henry Daggett (Design Systems Lead, Societe Generale)

Hosted by Luis Klefsjö, YLD

[00:00:00] Have you considered not releasing global tokens to the wider platform to prevent people from directly using them? [00:03:38] Was the system consolidation a business requirement or design team initiative? [00:04:18] How do we measure the coverage of the Design System? [00:08:49] How do you get developers interested in starting a design system from scratch? [00:11:25] When making global colour changes where in the hierarchy do you verify everything is still accessible? [00:12:42] What, if any challenges, did you face when switching the brand colour to orange? [00:15:35] Do your designers use the same version numbers as the engineers? [00:16:58] Is there a strategy for versioning? [00:20:31] Are we creating a situation where we’re trying to force a square peg into a round hole, creating problems for everyone with design systems? [00:21:52] Do you use the Lego analogy to describe Design Systems to stakeholders? [00:23:03] Could you expand on the culture issues you’ve come across? [00:24:42] How does your Design System Council set-up work? [00:27:58] So working as designers and engineers together, what have you found to be the biggest challenges? [00:31:58] What has been the most rewarding thing working in Design Systems?

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