Plan a design system in less than 30 minutes!?

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The Design System Canvas helps bring structure to the creation or updating of a design system. It’s a one-page plan of your vision for a design system, and acts as the perfect starting point for the process of creating or upgrading a design system. Throughout the process, it acts as a single source of truth and serves as a living artefact to refer back to.

00:00 Intro 00:47 Benefit of Design Systems 01:31 The DS Canvas 02:20 Three benefits of the DS Canvas 02:55 Example of filled-out canvas 03:01 1. The problem 03:28 2. Existing assets 03:55 3. Maturity level 04:19 4. New resources 05:06 5. Affected products 05:15 6. Consumers 05:26 7. Maintainers and champions 05:55 8. Scope 06:45 9. Adoption strategy 07:12 10. Costs 07:38 Thank you!

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