Introducing the new developer experience

Jiri Trecak, the founder of Supernova, in this video, introduces a significant update tailored for developers. He highlights a new developer experience, focusing on five key improvements:

0:48 Revamped Exporter Creation: Transition from a proprietary language (Pulsar) to a TypeScript-first approach for easier, more understandable exporter development 2:00 Launch of Supernova SDK: A full-fledged design system SDK providing extensive access to Supernovaโ€™s data, enabling both read and write functions. 3:18 Introduction of New Exporters: CSS Exporter & SVG to React code Exporter 5:35 Library for Faster Exporter Development: Released a library that streamlines common exporter tasks, significantly reducing development time. 7:37 Comprehensive Developer Documentation: Detailed resources provided for building exporters and using the Supernova SDK

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