Mix'n'match UI Patterns Into Organisms - Create a Design System in Sketch, Ep5

Episode 5: Mix’n’match UI Patterns Into Organisms

In this video, we will continue crafting atoms, molecules and the new construct in the Atomic Design system hierarchy - Organisms. We will combine previously covered atom and molecule patterns into intuitive and easy to maintain a set of patterns.

A design system is a collection of reusable product design components, that are guided by clear standards. Design system patterns are usually tested with end-users, thus can be easily assembled into new features. If properly set up, experimented, tested and maintained a well-defined system is one of the best designer’s friends. Furthermore, a living design system is one of the most important step-ups for mature designops and UX design organisations. This mini-series will cover exactly that: how to make a simple design system from scratch using Sketch and Atomic design principles.

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