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In this series, we walk you through Supernova fundamentals while building your next design system - from tokens, to components, to assets, to building documentation and handing-off resources to your developers, automatically. This video deep dives into everything-documentation and how to use your design system elements to make your documentation site amazing.

⭐️ Building and managing your design system documentation using your own design system data

0:00 - Overview 0:57 - Access to Documentation Editor 2:45 - Create an Introduction Page 3:28 - Adding Text Blocks 4:34 - Adding Token Blocks 5:38 - Visualize your documentation 7:20 - Create a Styleguide 8:15 - Adding Collor Pallets or Styles 11:10 - Adding Text Styles 12:00 - Adding Assets 13:08 - Adding Components 21:30 - Customise your documentation 23:47 - Extend the functionality with custom solutions

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