Managing Change in your Design System with Nathan Curtis

Are you facing challenges when it comes to managing changes within your design system, especially as your organization continues to grow?

In this webinar, “Managing Change in your Design System: Workflows Change Control at Enterprise Scale” we explore the nuances of workflow management, version control, and change management with Nathan Curtis and Andrew Rohman.

🎛 Discover how to maintain precise control over every change in your design system. 👩‍🔧 Learn effective strategies for governing and managing alterations before they are implemented, ensuring the system’s integrity. 💪 Find ways to empower your team and system users to take an active role in change implementation, promoting trust, flexibility, and control. 🌳 Explore the use of Knapsack’s branching system to facilitate smooth editing, review, and change deployment through CI/CD pipelines.

Tailored for digital product leaders at large enterprises seeking to improve capabilities while preserving the integrity of their design systems through version control and package upgrades.

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