“Killing the spreadsheet behind every design system“ by Jiri Trecak @ Into Design Systems Conference

Each design system consists of many moving parts - some live in Figma, some live in our codebases, and some.. in Spreadsheets, that are used to track everything from links to health statuses to information about changes to specific elements. It is time we remove this last broken part completely.

Supernova.io new components system reimagines what it means to manage your design system data in one place. The Components tab inside the platform is now the replacement for all of your “design system spreadsheets” - bringing together the constellation of data that represents all of the facets of your components in one place - from design components to code components, to metadata used to govern processes around them.

Read More in our release notes 👉 https://learn.supernova.io/latest/releases/release-69.html


Part 1: Keynote - “Killing the Design System Spreadsheet” 0:00 Introduction 1:15 What are design systems? 3:05 Design System is a product 4:00 Tools used to track Design Systems 7:00 Spreadsheets run the (design system) world 11:45 Why Spreadsheets are the pain? 15:45 What does the ideal Design System contain?

Part 2: Supernova presents a new way of managing your design system metadata and components 19:00 Real example of how spreadsheets are being used in practice 23:15 Get started with the new Supernova component system 27:15 Measure component’s readiness 29:30 Create a control dashboard for your design system 34:10 Document your design system components

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