Integrating Design and Code (DSCC Toronto)

Design Systems Community Chapter (DSCC) Toronto is bringing to you a couple of talks that involve Integrating Design and Code.

We have two special guests who will present a talk each about their experiences surrounding this topic.

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0:49 - Design Systems Community, Housekeeping, and a word from our sponsor 8:28 - Talk 1: Why You Should Use Tokens and Tokens Studio by Brandon Surya 24:00 - Q&A With Brandon 31:28 - Talk 2: Code is for designers, too by Mateo Morris 56:08 - Q&A with Mateo and Courtney 1:01:37 - Closing remarks

In this session you will learn:

  • How to effectively organize and manage design tokens.
  • Considerations for how to enable designs and content managers to integrate with coded results.

Meet our guests:

Brandon Surya

Brandon Surya is a senior product designer at, a modern digital products and platforms consultancy that specializes in building design systems. He’s currently leading the use and understanding of design tokens within Rangle’s design team and how it can close the gap between designers and engineers. He believes that design tokenization is a powerful methodology that can help scale design systems and solve a lot of company’s pain points. In his spare time, he also likes to rock climb, take photos, game, and obsess over niche hobbies.

Talk: Why You Should Use Tokens and Tokens Studio

You’re using tokens and you don’t even know it! One of the goals of a design system is to close the gap between multiple disciplines and especially between design and development. With the features and tools Figma provides us, this gap becomes smaller. But what if I tell you with the proper integration of design tokens, we can make this gap closer than it was ever before. Sounds great right? Let’s talk about tokens and how it can level up your design system!

Mateo Morris; @_mateomorris

Mateo is the creator of Primo - a new kind of open-source CMS that aims to put code within reach of everyone and anyone (omit). He’s worked as a freelancer, agency developer, and startup founder. Together with his wife Courtney, he started and taught a coding course for refugees in Cairo, Egypt called Cairo Codes which they ran until the beginning of Covid. In his free time he enjoys writing music, cooking, and hanging out with Courtney.

Talk: Code is for designers, too

One of the largest pain points designers face in translating their designs into code is having to go through developers. No-code tools let designers circumnavigate developers, but usually come with the downsides of being generic, restrictive, and unscalable. So what does it look like when code becomes more approachable and designers can access it themselves?

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