How We Document Webinar #2: Design System Maturity

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This is the second of our webinars surrounding the How We Document report. This time the focus was on design system maturity. On the 10th May, we had our lead design advocate Luke Murphy alongside special guests, Chase McCoy and Laura Kennedy chat all about it! What does a ‘mature’ design system look like? Find out, as our panel talked about everything from defining maturity, to how teams change over time, to measuring maturity, to deprioritization. As a bonus, they answered some incredible questions from the audience too 😊

The ‘how we document’ survey was conducted from Sep to Oct 2021 across social media, industry Slack channels and in emails to design system professionals.

Design system documentation has been maturing at a rapid pace over the last five years. how we document is an opportunity for us to stop, reflect and figure out the biggest challenges that face us in how we document and grow our design systems.


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