How to prioritise content over components in a composable era

Components-first thinking can trap content — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Structured content can be composable and reusable, delivering more personalised experiences. In his speaker session at Future Commerce Finland, Simeon details how to embrace content-first flexibility and shift your thinking from components to content in the composable era.

About IONA IONA is an award-winning ecommerce agency that helps brands sell more online with next-generation strategies, customer experiences and composable commerce solutions. Partnered with the world’s leading composable and headless SaaS vendors, IONA is known for working with MACH-certified technology vendors such as commercetools, Contentful, BigCommerce, Sanity, Vercel and Talon.One.

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About Future Commerce Finland Personalised experiences. Content centricity. Composability. Cloud Native. We’re entering a new age: the composable era, where businesses must think like digital natives. Brought to you by IONA, in partnership with Sanity, commercetools and Google Cloud, this event deconstructs what it means to ‘go composable’.