Exploring design systems for services / Dan Mall / Episode #116

Have you heard about design systems? It’s a catchy concept that’s been getting quite some attention lately from our friends at the digital UX community. And I think we as a service design community can get a lot of value out of it as well!

Here’s my simple understanding of a design system…

The main idea is that a design system provides you with a standardised set of components and patterns. This standardised set allows you to deliver results more efficiently and with more consistency.

In an online environment a component might be a button and a pattern might be the steps in the ordering process.

Now I hear you thinking… I don’t work with buttons and checkout flows. So how can I as a service designer benefit from a design system?

That exactly the question I had as well!

Fortunately, good friend of the Show and design systems ninja, Dan Mall was willing to come on and lay it all out for us.

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00:00 Welcome to episode 116 02:05 Who is Dan 03:45 Getting started with design systems 07:30 The use case for design systems 11:00 Where does a design system live 14:30 Design systems for services 18:30 Where to start 26:30 Patterns and components 31:15 Finding the right balance 33:45 Design sytems are culture 36:30 Systems as word 39:00 Who’s job is it 41:30 Reasons why design systems don’t get adopted 44:30 How to sell a design system 47:00 It’s an ongoing journey 49:00 Recommended resources 50:50 Final thoughts

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