Expand on what's possible with design tokens with themes in Supernova

Themes are value overrides for your tokens.

With Supernova you can now define an unlimited number of themes, with each theme representing a specific view of your design system.

Themes have various purposes, but the main one is obvious: Different color schemes for your design system, such as light and dark mode.

Learn what else you can do with the new Design Token management 👉 https://www.supernova.io/design-tokens


0:00 Introduction 0:30 Importing and connecting your Figma file with Supernova 2:20 Your Figma content presented in the new design token manager 3:00 Creating a new theme 5:50 Adding metadata on top of the tokens 7:20 Documenting your design tokens 10:20 Documenting themes 13:05 Automating the token changes

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