Elyse Holladay: “A Working Theory of Components” — Clarity 2017

Throughout history, our tools have affected how we understand the world. In our young industry, our tools, needs, and processes are constantly changing. We build sites and frameworks and components with the tools we have at hand. As we do, we discover problems, invent solutions, and then invent new tools.

Design Systems are our current model of making sense of the intersection of front-end code and design. With the tools we have today, what is our working model of a component? How do we define them, create them, and ensure they work at scale? In this talk we’ll discuss how our tools affect our understanding, create a checklist of factors that make a component a component, and how to implement the theory of components with the tools you have at hand.

Presented by Elyse Holladay at Clarity 2017, on November 28th, 2017. Ends with an interview with Una Kravets