DSW Day 2023 - Breaking the Monotony of Maintenance - Josh Mateo and Matt Da Silva

When you look behind the curtain of your design system, what do you see? Documented components, accessible guidelines, manual processes, a shifting roadmap? When this becomes the status quo, it can trap your system in an endless cycle of maintenance. And that’s not fun for anyone. In this talk we’ll share the challenges Netflix has faced as we break away from this cycle, how we’ve modernized our approach to building at scale across Web, Mobile, and TV, and what this can unlock for you.

Bio: Josh Mateo is a design leader with expertise in building creative infrastructure that scales brand decisions in product. Over the last decade, Josh has led design systems at Netflix (Hawkins) and Spotify (Encore). He believes systems are an influential vehicle to deliver a cultural change in how teams approach building high-quality products as a connected ecosystem.

Mateus “Matt” Da Silva (he/him) is a designer and musician who is passionate about systems thinking and empowering others through design. Originally from Brazil and based in Florida, his journey as an immigrant has made him attuned to the nuances of designing for different cultures. Matt leverages his unique perspective to collaborate with a diverse range of individuals on the Netflix Hawkins Design System and help scale the Netflix experience to fulfill its mission of entertaining the world.