Diana Mounter: “The Interaction of Color Systems” — Clarity 2017

Color is the most relative medium in art. This fact makes working with color in design systems particularly challenging. Few people seem to want to claim to be an expert in color—perhaps because there’s an immensely deep amount to learn, or perhaps it’s because color is one of those things we hate to get wrong. Whatever the reason, color remains a contentious but often critical part of design.

I’ll be sharing my journey into color, from the technical challenges to how people respond to it. We’ll take a look at the efforts required in updating large scale web applications like GitHub, testing the interaction of color with other parts of a design system, creating color naming conventions, color contrast, and color system use outside of the product UI.

Presented by Diana Mounter at Clarity 2017, on November 28th, 2017. Ends with an interview with Una Kravets