Design Tokens: Building Blocks for Designer - Developer Collaboration - DSL #7 - March 2023

“Design Tokens: Building Blocks for Designer - Developer Collaboration” - Débora Ornelas (Application Engineer, the Lego Group) and Jeremy Rider (Lead Digital Product Designer, the Lego Group)

[00:00:00] Introduction [00:00:27] Let’s start with a story [00:02:04] About this talk [00:02:56] About Lego [00:03:18] What problem do we want to solve? [00:04:16] Designing for our user groups [00:04:43] Goals for design systems [00:05:41] How we have setup our system [00:08:17] Design System Structure [00:09:20] Our global design tokens [00:12:16] Component Setup (Button) [00:14:53] Challenges and Learnings [00:20:01] Recap & Conclusion

Who are YLD? YLD is one of London’s fastest growing product design and software engineering consultancies building exciting products and platforms using established product development processes, Design Thinking and User Centric Design. They are experts in Design Systems, React / Node and have helped companies such as Trainline, Dazn, The Economist and many more to achieve excellence. The team is committed to the Open Source community aiming to create a long-standing product culture and delivery capability in each piece of work.

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