Design Systems WTF #1: Getting buy-in for your design system

How do you make the rest of your org care about your design system?

With the current climate, budgets are being slashed left, right, and center. Because of this, design systems are often at the top of the list for what to put on the chopping block. So, how do we make the rest of the organization care about design systems? How do we show how important it is, and how do we talk about it in the language that non-design systems folks care about? Do we need to change that when we’re talking to senior leadership? How can we get the CEO to care about our design system?

A podcast from zeroheight. Let’s be honest, design systems are full of choice wtf moments. Michelle and Luke, two of our resident design advocates, are attempting to combat this with a new regular series, where they answer a single question around design system troubles every two weeks.

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