Design system adoption is hard. Let’s solve it with better tools - like Supernova

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Current tooling is disjointed and requires a lot of custom, tedious work to get all team members onboard with the idea of using (and liking!) design systems - and with Supernova we turn that idea into a reality

👉 In September 2021, during the Into Design Systems conference we presented our design-system-as-a-service platform.

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Part 1: Why is adoption of design systems so hard? 0:00 Introduction 1:30 The chasm 3:48 Adoption issues we face 14:02 Success stories

Part 2: Supernova as answer to adoption problems 18:02 Supernova Demo 18:56 Managing design system 22:22 Creating documentation 32:35 Custom documentation using exporters 39:46 Automated delivery of token, styles, assets and code

Part 3: QA 42:28 Into Design Systems Conference QA

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