Deep Dives S2 | E6: Dan Mall - What Designers Get Wrong About Design Systems

If you’re familiar at all with design systems then I definitely don’t need to introduce you to Dan Mall. He’s as OG as it gets.

In this Deep Dive, Dan shares his take on Figma variables, where design systems are headed in the coming years, and a lot more…

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[00:00:00] The problem with too many tools and too few rules

[00:04:11] The future of design systems 5 years from now

[00:08:30] How AI could impact tooling

[00:11:17] Building a design system with AI

[00:23:47] Advice for building a robust design system

[00:28:54] Reasons why design systems fail

[00:35:12] How to make design systems integral to the product team

[00:38:34] Things to keep in mind when considering becoming a design system specialist

[00:43:19] Dan’s design system workbook