Create Design Tokens with ChatGPT - Workshop Teaser with Chris Lüders

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⚡️Workshop: How to build a Design System with Design Tokens in Figma - Jan Six, Creator of Tokens Studio 👉🏻

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Main topics: 🎨 Headless Design Systems 🤖 Automation of Design Systems 📈 Data Driven Design Systems ⚡️ Design Tokens

👉🏻 Steps & Prompt to create #DesignTokens with #ChatGPT : Create a JSON object containing design tokens for a typescale within a design system. The JSON object should have the following structure:

  1. A “typography” object containing “headline”, “intro”, “body”, and “caption” categories.
  2. Headline category should include H1 to H5.
  3. Font sizes should range from 80px to 12px, with the largest size being 80px and the smallest 12px.
  4. The fontWeight “normal” should be named “Regular”.
  5. Font size and line height tokens should use size names XS to XXL.
  6. Font family, font size, line height, and font weight tokens should be separate hierarchy points, referenced in the “typography” object as properties.
  7. Use singular naming for all tokens.
  8. Define font weight values as “Regular” and “Bold” instead of numeric values.
  9. Provide line height values in pixels.
  10. Use property names like “{fontSizes.xxl}” to define all properties of the font styles.
  11. Use Montserrat for the font family
  12. Define a “type” for all arrays like here:
"xl": {
      "value": "64px",
      "type": "fontSizes"
  1. The JSON structure should resemble the following example for H1:
"H1": {
        "value": {
          "fontFamily": "{fontFamilies.sansSerif}",
          "fontWeight": "{fontWeights.bold}",
          "fontSize": "{fontSizes.xxl}",
          "lineHeight": "{lineHeights.xxl}"

Ensure that the JSON object provided always matches this structure and token hierarchy.