Cordelia McGee-Tubb: “Baking Accessibility In” — Clarity 2016

A quick web search can bring up thousands of code samples for any type of component one could imagine building, but 90% of that code isn’t accessible, unintentionally leaving huge audiences of users behind. You have the power to change this! As the people creating style guides and component systems, you’re uniquely positioned to get accessibility right the first time and spread best practices to everyone who uses your code. In this talk, you’ll learn the key ingredients for baking accessibility into your design system, including mindful color palettes, semantic HTML, and a dash of ARIA. Let’s make the web better for everyone, one style guide at a time!

Presented by Cordelia McGee-Tubb at Clarity 2016, on April 1st, 2016. Ends with an interview with Chris Coyier