ConvergeUS2023: Geri Reid What to do when your design system grows up, moves out & gets an apartment

Converge is zeroheight’s one-day design systems conference. On May 18, 2023, we hosted Converge US in San Francisco at the Great Star Theater! Converge aims to bring together some of the brightest and best in design systems and design ops to discuss the challenges we face in taking design systems to the next level.

Our closing keynote was Geri Reid, Lead Designer, NewsKit Design System at News UK Technology.

There’s a lot of advice on how to start and grow a design system. But what happens when your design system matures? When it’s built, documented and has been adopted by the community?

Geri works on NewsKit — the design system consumed by News Corp’s global media brands including The Times, The Sun and The Wall Street Journal. In this talk she’ll share NewsKit’s evolution of atomic design; extending the framework to build off-the-shelf products, deploying systems staff into Product teams to encourage adoption and coming full circle to offer less opinionated, composable subcomponents.

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