Converge US 2023: Val Head - Animation, Your Design System, and You!

Converge is zeroheight’s one-day design systems conference. On May 18, 2023, we hosted Converge US in San Francisco at the Great Star Theater! Converge aims to bring together some of the brightest and best in design systems and design ops to discuss the challenges we face in taking design systems to the next level.

Val is a Principal Designer at Adobe and is based out of Pittsburgh, PA.

UX animation works best when it’s designed with the bigger picture in mind, but that’s hard to do if it’s not covered in your design system. Defining a motion language for your brand can help your team to develop a shared vision to work from and give everyone more confidence when working with motion. Covering animation in your design system doesn’t have to be a huge lift. There are foundational steps—like defining your animation contexts, knowing your brand voice—that you can use to get started. In this session, Val will cover what a modern design system should address in its animation guidelines, and how you can start your whole team using animation more effectively.

Val Head: Conference host: Michelle Chin:

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