Converge London 2022 - Lily Dart: Design Systems: The Good, The Bad, The Culture

The first ever ConvergeLDN took place on 21st September as part of World Design Systems Week. Hosted by us, zeroheight, we had some incredible experts talking all about design systems!

Watch Lily Dart discuss the culture and good and bad aspects of design systems.

If you’re interested in design systems, you’ve no doubt dreamt of the kind of design system you’d like to build. Perhaps you know precisely what tooling you’d use or how you’d structure the components. A design system that is elegant, easy to use, and produces beautiful results. But if you’ve tried creating a design system, you’ll know it’s unlikely you’ll achieve your original aspirations. Arguments over standards, complexity in tooling and abuses, and mis-uses of the libraries are all common pitfalls for new systems.

So why is it so hard to build a great design system? A successful system is more than UI and code. What underpins every system - good or bad - is culture. And without the right culture, your beautiful design system will fail. Based on her experience running the first-ever design systems team at Lloyds Banking Group, Lily will be talking about the relationship between design systems and organizational culture. How to identify yours, when to design for it, and when to fight against it.


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