Content design at Figma - Ryan Reid, Andrew Schmidt (Config 2023)

Double feature

Content designers: It’s time to design Speaker: Ryan Reid – UX Writer, Figma

Yesterday, they were writers. Today, they’re content designers. What changed? Not much—and that’s a problem. With more and more tools, programs, and systems allowing broader audiences to design, content designers must evolve their skillsets if they’re to remain essential. In this talk, Ry digs into what they see as the near future of the craft—one in which content designers are expected to… well, design.

Dying days of delightful software Speaker: Andrew Schmidt – UX Writer, Figma

We’re a decade into the era of delightful software. Empty states make puns, error messages crack jokes, and animations are all over the place. Is that delightful? Is it… good? In this talk, Andrew Schmidt (who’s littered charming moments all over products like FigJam and Slack) grapples with his own guilt at making overly-effusive software, and tries to find a new framework for “delight” — one that won’t drive us up a wall.

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