Coding Design Systems - ep20 - Stencil Components based Design System

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00:00 - Intro: Welcome Anthony Giuliano & Mike Hartington from Ionic 03:18 - Using Stencil as a foundation for your design system 06:24 - Stencil’s Origins 10:23 - Using design tokens in a Stencil-based application 13:04 - Improving Stencil-based app architecture 18:07 - Coding part: build Stencil component using design tokens 31:02 - Adding theming behaviors to your Stencil-based app 51:36 - Outro

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When talking about reusability and extensibility, you would always bet on standards. Fortunately, this is what Web Components are committed to being! By building your low-level, design systems components with Web Components, you may ensure a wide range of compatibility with your final apps frameworks. That’s what we cover in this episode: empowering the DX using advanced standards.

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