Building a Design System Using Standard Web Components

Alex Wilson, Design System Engineering Lead at T. Rowe Price, unveils the strategies and practices behind their successful implementation of sustainable web standards, highlighting the importance of digital marketing and SEO strategies in today’s tech-driven landscape.

Introduction to Sustainable Web Design:

  • Understanding the concept of sustainable web design and its importance.
  • How T. Rowe Price is leading the way in sustainable web standards.
  • The impact of sustainable design on digital marketing and brand awareness.

Strategies for Implementing Sustainable Web Standards:

  • T. Rowe Price’s approach to integrating sustainability in web design.
  • The role of SEO strategies and online advertising in sustainable design.
  • Balancing aesthetics and functionality for optimal user experience.

Common Challenges in Sustainable Web Design:

  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles in sustainable web design implementation.
  • The importance of customer engagement and target audience analysis in design.

Outcomes of Sustainable Web Standards:

  • The benefits of adopting sustainable web standards for businesses and users.
  • Real-world examples of T. Rowe Price’s success in sustainable web design.

Join Alex Wilson as he shares T. Rowe Price’s journey in setting a new standard in web design, focusing on sustainability, innovation, and user-centric approaches. This talk is a must-watch for web designers, digital marketers, and anyone interested in the intersection of technology and sustainability.

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