Build and ship a Design System in 45 minutes

Step by step creation of a Design System using Backlight: Create Design Tokens in CSS Custom property, build Components in React, write documentation in MDX, get feedback from your team, and publish an NPM package, all from scratch.

00:00 Introduction 00:30 Pick your technology 01:36 UI overview 01:55 Create design tokens 04:07 Document as you go 26:50 Build components 35:25 Imbed playground for your components in the documentation 37:19 Share progress with your team 38:54 Deploy your Design System πŸš€ 41:21 Profit

While this Design System is built from scratch, Backlight has numerous starter-kits available to build upon, which includes pre-existing tokens and components ready to be customized. πŸ‘‰

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