Applied Design Tokens (DSCC Toronto)

This event took place on October 12, 2022 on Twitter Spaces. It’s an open discussion about applied design tokens.

Meet our guests:

Esther Cheran; @EstherCheran Esther is one of the Co-founders at Hyma, best known for the Figma Tokens plugin. In 2020 she first coined the term Headless Design System while trying to solve a complex multi-brand design system, which became popular after her talk at Figma - In the file. The concept of a Headless Design System using design tokens has since become a widely adopted approach for building multi-brand/theme design systems. When she’s not obsessing about Design Tokens, you likely find her reading a book, sketching or painting.

Mike Kamminga; @mikekamminga Mike has been a Creative Technologist since 1999, living on the edge of design and technology. Currently he’s Imagining and building the future of Design Tokens as the CEO at Hyma, the company best known for Figma Tokens. He also pioneered the headless design system concept together with Esther Cheran, which fundamentally changed the way multi-brand design systems are built today.

James Nash; @c1rrus Design system aficionado, classically trained webmaster, slayer of pixels, DTCG spec editor and occasional fashion terrorist.

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