An Interview about Omlet, a new Design System Analytics Tool

In this video, Dan Mall interviews Zeplin’s chief product officer Berk Çebi about a new product called Omlet, a component analytics tool designed to help teams measure the effectiveness of their design systems. Berk and Dan discuss the broader role of metrics in design systems and why they’re so difficult to track. Whether you are a designer, developer, or product manager, this conversation offers insights into how to build effective design systems and measure their impact. Learn more about Omlet at

⏩ CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro 02:26 About Zeplin 04:06 Why are design system metrics important? 09:09 What kinds of metrics are worth tracking? 11:26 What’s so difficult about tracking design system metrics? 17:29 Higher-order metrics for success 20:55 The role of metrics in design system buy-in 24:16 Introducing Omlet, Zeplin’s new product 26:56 How to use Omlet 31:03 Getting access to Omlet 31:55 Ideal Omlet customers 33:05 The future of Omlet 34:08 Outro

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