Amplify Webinar: Women in Tech Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

For International Women’s Day, the theme is #EmbraceEquity, which inspired us to host an edit-a-thon this month. In this recording, our Design Advocate Michelle walks you through the basics of editing Wikipedia, identifies great places for beginners to edit, and provides a list of pages that could be improved or created.

We decided to host this because there’s a huge gender gap on Wikipedia. In less than 19% of biographies on Wikipedia are about women. Wikipedia is a data source on many things we rely on - from Google’s knowledge panels to what teaches AI systems. When women aren’t represented in Wikipedia, we’re omitted from people’s knowledge and discussion, and our accomplishments go unknown.

This will be an ongoing project for her and some friends. So if you missed the webinar, you can catch up on this recording and join in a future edit-a-thon session.

Editing Wikipedia is more user-friendly now, making creating and editing pages even easier. By embracing this learning curve, we can work toward better equity and representation of women in Wikipedia and beyond.

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