Accessible Data Visualizations 101 - axe-con 2021

How can we best use data visualizations to make complex data more accessible and easier to understand, and what are the main challenges in doing so? This talk explores what can go wrong if your data is inaccessible, common mistakes, and best practices for each step in the process, from design to implementation.

This session is from the Design Track.

About the Speaker: Sarah Fossheim, Developer and Designer Preferred Pronoun: They/Them Sarah is a multidisciplinary developer and designer focused on creating inclusive and accessible products. They have expertise within full-stack development, user research and design, and are especially passionate about data, ethics and accessibility. Currently working as a senior technologist at Studio VUES, a design and technology studio based in Norway. Sarah also volunteers as a front-end developer for Oslo Pride’s website, and frequently writes about technology.

00:00- Accessible Data Visualizations 37:37- Q&A

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